You may hear the word anxiety and think nothing of it. Many times people may say, “I feel anxious about my presentation tomorrow,” or “My heart is racing, I am so anxious.” The sad truth is, anxiety is an extremely serious mental illness, the most common illness, in fact, in the United States. It affects more than 40 million Americans ages 18 and over, only one-third of whom seek treatment. It severely affects the everyday lives of those who suffer from it, literally disabling them from leading normal, happy lives. If you are one of these 40 million, there is an answer for you that does not come in the form of prescription medication. It is a natural supplement called 5-HTP, and it benefits–both for anxiety and other various health issues–are astounding.

1. Anxiety: The Root of the Problem

What most people do not realize is that anxiety, to a degree, is normal. This is why so many do not take it seriously enough. It is your body’s natural response to a problem or situation requiring your immediate attention. It forces you to find ways to solve the issue at hand. However, when it begins interferring with your life; when you begin having trouble functioning normally, then you need help. To complicate matters further, if you suffer from anxiety, chances are you also suffer from depression. The two frequently go hand-in-hand. So what is the root of this demon? Low serotonin levels in your brain.

2. Serotonin Levels: What They Are and the Role They Play

Each and every day you feel some type of emotion. Sometimes you feel multiple emotions at once. But do you ever stop to think why or how this process occurs? It is the chemicals and hormones in your brain controlling how you feel. In essence, it is almost as if you truly have no control over it. Have you ever wanted to be happy but just could not stop the sadness welling up inside you? This is due to the hormone, serotonin. Not only is it a hormone, it is a neurotransmitter responsible for transporting messages from one side of your brain to the other. When your levels of serotonin are low, you feel depressed, sad and experience moments of debilitating anxiety. This has been proven through scientific research. Medications–antidepressants–can increase these levels, but are accompanied by adverse side effects. Enter the all-natural supplement, 5HTP, better known as 5-hyrdroxytryptophan. Ironically, serotonin has a technical compound name as well. It is 5-hydroxytryptamine. Are you starting to connect the dots? Okay, then let’s proceed further.

3. 5-HTP: What it Is and How it Affects Your Serotonin Levels

5-HTP has made the infamous Dr. Oz’s list of best natural anti-depressants, so this should make you stand at attention. 5-HTP, a molecule the body uses to produce serotonin, has the ability to convert itself to serotonin. This is wonderful news if you are already taking a prescription anti-depressant, or have had a doctor recommend an anti-depressant for your anxiety disorder. Ray Sahelian, M.D., is the best selling author of 5-HTP: Nature’s Serotonin Solution, and clearly states that if your serotonin levels are low, taking the 5-HTP supplement is the best way to increase them. Rather than taking a synthetic prescription medication with adverse side effects, it is safer and more effective to consume 5-HTP, a compound your body normally produces on its own. Yet another plus is its ability to cross the blood brain barrier. This simply means it can easily get into to the brain to achieve the chemistry necessary for effective treatment. You receive additional health benefits from this supplement that help in treating your anxiety as well.

4. 5-HTP: Treating Insomnia

You may wonder what insomnia, depression and anxiety have to do with one another. A lot! It was once thought that insomnia was a symptom of depression, but health professionals now realize it triggers deressive episodes, keeping them going. So what about its effect on anxiety? The less sleep you receive, the more tired you are, the more anxious you become. If you do not get enough rest, you are even less capable of handling challenging situations, no matter how simple they may be. So what is the answer? Yes, 5-HTP.

Once more, 5-HTP is a naturally occurring compound produced by your body from tryptophan. We all know what that is. Most commonly found in turkey, it is the reason you want to nap following a large Thanksgiving meal. Numeroous studies are proving how effective it is in treating not only insomnia, but other sleep disorders as well. It is much safer than prescription medications, and the results are amazing. It increases your REM sleep by 25 percent and your deepest stages of sleep without increasing the amount of time you sleep. Study participants woke feeling refreshed and rejuvenated without experiencing the hung over effect that many medications tend to cause. Basically, 5-HTP is able to improve both your feeling of physical and psychlogical well-being while treating your insomnia. This, in turn, treats both your depression and anxiety.

5. 5-HTP: Weight Loss Benefits

Are you wondering again what weight loss has to do with depression and anxiety? Once more, a lot. First, serotonin levels control your appetite along with your mood. If you are anxious or depressed, it may signal you to eat, otherwise known as emotional eating. This then leads to obesity, which can worsen both depression and anxiety. So yes, the weight loss benefits 5-HTP provides are an extremely important part of all this.

First, it helps suppress your appetite. Doctors agree that the safest and most effective candidates for weight loss drugs are those that do just this. Now, in clinical studies, 5-HTP proved its efficacy once more. In the first study, participants reduced their food intake by 70 percent, especially their intake of carbohydrates. This is an important point to make, as most carbs are harmful and cause the most weight gain due to high sugar content.

In the second study, participants were split into two groups, one being given 5-HTP, the other a placebo. The study lasted a total of 12 weeks, and the end results were astounding. The participants were not restricted in food intake, yet those taking the 5-HTP supplement lost an extremely significant amount of weight, while those given the placebo lost nothing.

5-HTP has proven itself in every way possible. Not only is it all-natural, but it is a supplement your own body prduces, making it that much more effective for raising serotonin levels and treating anxiety, depression, insomnia and obesity. Do not let another day of your precious life fall by the wayside. Grab control of the reins and let 5-HTP be your guide.


The Health Benefits of 5-HTP

by admin on February 11, 2013

What Are the Health Benefits of 5HTP?

5HTP, which is also known as 5-hydroxytryptophan, is used to help treat and deal with a number of different things. It can help with psychiatric problems in addition to neurological conditions. This is a type of amino acid and has the ability to convert into other molecules which affect how your nerves function. There are a number of studies that show this supplement is not only effective at helping with weight loss, but can help tremendously with anxiety, depression, and food cravings!

Conversion of 5HTP

This supplement is a type of amino acid called tryptophan and while it does help with producing protein, it also is converted into Serotonin which is a neurotransmitter. These neurotransmitters are then released between cells which are known as synapses. This is where the nerves are then stimulated. The release of neurotransmitters allows these nerves to pass a chemical along to t he nerves nearby. Serotonin is something that is essential for helping to regulate mood as well as other emotions. 5HTP supplements help make this possible since it helps to increase the amount of Serotonin in the body.

5HTP for Depression: A Natural Remedy?

Another great benefit is that it helps battle depression. There are millions of people who have seen decreased levels in depression while consuming this supplement and they find themselves getting back to a normal and day to day life. This is because there are increased levels of Serotonin in the body which helps with mood regulation. There are several prescription drugs which are used for treating depression and the common ones are Zoloft and Prozac. 5HTP supplements work just as well as these prescription medications and actually can save you hundreds of dollars over time.

As a Pain Reliever and Other Uses

For individuals dealing with fibromyalgia, Serotonin levels are decreased as well. This is a neurological dysfunction and with 5HTP, some of the pain can be eliminated. Stiffness as well as anxiety which comes along with it is reduced additionally and people who suffer with insomnia find this supplement to be beneficial. Melatonin levels are increased and this helps your body relax at night so you can sleep better. Hot flashes and obesity can benefit from this supplement as well.

Headaches and Migraines

If you suffer with frequent migraines and headaches, you might find 5HTP to be a beneficial thing to take each day. It can help by raising Serotonin levels. Some headaches are a cause of having too little Serotonin in their bodies and while there are numerous causes of headaches and migraines, incorporating 5HTP into your routine can help reduce the frequency of them.

5HTP for Weight Loss

5HTP has also become popular in the area of weight loss. Because it serves as an appetite suppressant, it helps you to eat less meaning you’ll lose weight. You’ll have a feeling of being full faster than normal and you’ll feel satisfied longer avoiding emotional eating or eating out of boredom. Because it also helps with increasing Serotonin levels you are going to eat less as impulsive behavior is decreased some.